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I hope that you all have found this site somewhat informative :o) I know that my biggest struggle with HMS/EDS III is knowing what "normal" range of motion (ROM) is. My specialist always tells me to try not to use my hypermobility but that is easier said than done because to me, my ROM is normal. So I have been hunting the internet for sources for a while and found no comprehensive listing for normal ROM statistics. So I have compiled what I could find here. I will also let you know that the various sources I found did not always agree on the exact number so I have put the largest numbers in my chart (ie the largest ROM). There are also a few pictures I have found explaining some of the motions and I have tried to make things as self explanatory as possible and hopefully I have succeeded :o)

 If you find other good ROM pics please email them to me I would greatly appreciate it :o)

(I do not claim that this chart is comprehensive or accurate!)

Typical Range of Motion
neck (cervical spine) rotation to right and left (ie turn head) 70-90 deg ea.
  Flexion (tilt head forward towards chest) 30-85 deg??
  Extension (tilt head back) 30-75 deg
  Lateral extension (tilt head towards shoulder) 30-45deg
Thoracic and Lumbar spine Rotation of trunk to right and left 5-30 deg
  Lateral flexion (tilt trunk to right and left from waist) 15-25 deg
  Flexion (forward from waist ie touch floor) 45-60 deg
  Extension (lean backwards from waist) 25 deg
shoulder forward flexion 0-180 deg
  abduction 0-180 deg
  external rotation(upper arm flat to side rotate forearm out to the side at 90 deg angle) 0-90 deg
  or external rotation at 90 deg flexion 0-90 deg
  internal rotation(walk finger up the back (T7 is normal) to T7
  internal rotation at 90 deg forward flexion 0-90 deg
elbow extension/flexion 0/145 deg
forearm pronation/supination (palm up) (80)/90
wrist extension/flexion 70/80
  radial deviation (side tilt thumb to forearm) 0-20
  ulnar deviation (side tilt pinky to forearm) 0-45
Thumb basal joint(MCM at base near wrist) palmar adduction/abduction contact/45
  radial adduction/abduction contact/60
Thumb interphalangeal (joint just below tip) hyperextension(backwards)/flexion(forward) (15H/80)
Thumb metacarpophalangeal (middle joint) hyperextension/flexion (10/55)
Finger DIP joints(joint below tip) extension/flexion 0-80
Finger PIP joints (middle finger joint) extension/flexion 0-100
Finger MCP joints (joint at base of finger) hyperextension/flexion (45H)/90
HIP Flexion 0-125 deg
  Extension 0-30 deg
  Adduction (inward across body) 0-25 deg
  Abduction (outward) 0-45 deg
  External (lateral) rotation 0-60 deg
  Internal (medial) rotation 0-40 deg
Knee flexion 0-140 deg
  extension is 0 mark is shin in line with thigh
ankle dorsiflexion (up toward shin) 20 deg
  extension (toes pointed away from leg or plantar-flexion) 50 deg
  inversion( tilt outward) 30 deg
  eversion (tilt inward) 15 deg

scapula_rot.gif (35947 bytes)

shoulder abduction

shoulder_rot.tif (408902 bytes)

Internal and external rotation of shoulder at 90 degrees

shoulder_flex.gif (488636 bytes)

Forward rotation of shoulder

elbow.tif (990526 bytes)

Elbow joint extension and flexion

wrist_flex.tif (462546 bytes)

wrist flexion and extension

wrist_dev.tif (960296 bytes)

wrist radial and ulnar flexion

hip2_flex.tif (388038 bytes)hip_hyper.tif (423270 bytes)

hip flexion and extension

knee.tif (629334 bytes)

knee flexion and extension

ankle.tif (445170 bytes)

ankle flexion and dorsi-flexion


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