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hyperextended elbows

Just a closer look at the one arm, notice how the point of the elbow joint on the back of the arm bends in.

apposition of thumb to forearm

wrist hyperextension

passive hyperextension of big toe

ankle hyperextention

Just for a better perspective

hand hypermobility

This type of mobility mimics what they call the "swan neck" deformity

My hand folds in half without any pain or dicomfort

increased skin stretching

hypermobile ankle from front view

same hypermobile ankle from side view, creepy eh

hyperextension of pinkie finger from the knuckle

hyperentended thumb and finger

another view of hyperextended knee (you can try this if you like, sit on floor and flex feet up towards knees)

Hopefully this shot will give a little better perspective on the hyperextension.

I can do this standing, kick my own shoulder

even in my less flexible state after the car accident I can still put hands flat on floor

a little shoulder flexibility

I didn't get my arms as high in this shot as I did for the back shot, see pic to the right :o)

this is the shot from the back, clasp one hand in the other behind your back and raise as high as possible, (movement is less since my car accident)

reaching around and grabbing my own shoulder blade

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