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About The Roxburghs
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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Jody Roxburgh and I am from Langley British Columbia. I am 24 years old and married to a wonderful man named Paul. Paul and I met at Queen's University where we were both students. Since we were attending the university for very different degree's (undergraduate Biochemistry for me and graduate studies law school for him) we probably never would have met if not for our love of archery. Oddly and luckily enough, Queen's has an archery club that we both joined and it's all  history from there. So now we have been married for over 2 years and so far we don't have any children, so instead we have two dogs, a cockapoo, named Frodo and a cockapoo beagle names Ty.

I grew up in Ontario in a place called Peterborough. My parents (Roy and Brenda) and my brother (Chris) still live there. Paul grew up in and around the Toronto area and still has extended family in Ontario as well. So this web page is for all of you back in Ontario. Hope you like it!

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