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Welcome One and All!

Welcome to all who visit out page. Welcome those who know us and those who don't. I hope you enjoy the pictures and information provided here

We've got pictures of the new puppy up and some pictures of Paul too. There are a few updates in my HMS/EDS story which includes some excellent links that should clarify much for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the life of someone who "doesn't look sick". :o)

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Frodo says hello to all you web page visitors. Frodo now has a new little doggy buddy born May 27th and we have pictures up for you to see. We now have a name "Ty". Paul says for Ty Domi the hockey player but I say TYrant is more accurate :o)

I was diagnosed with HMS/EDS III a few years ago. Before that I had never even heard of it so here are my personal pages about HMS and for two decent outside sources see the Medical Interests Page. I have also added to links at the end of my HMS story to pages from other sufferers of unseen illnesses. They are great! I've also added a few more flexibility pics as well as information on normal joint range of motion (ROM).
My HMS/EDS Info page

My HMS story

My Hypermobility Pictures

Normal Joint ROM

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